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Welcome Back to School!!!


Dear parents and guardians:


I would like to take this opportunity to express to each and every one of you how excited I am to begin this new school year. Every new school year brings in a new set of challenges, greater expectations, and higher levels of academic rigor. Your son or daughter will be challenged with real-world problems, expected not only to procedurally work through problems but also exhibit conceptual understanding of many inter-related mathematical topics, and demonstrate their competency through rigorous assessments designed to promote explanations, justifications, and reasoning-not just the right answer!


I want you to know that many of the decisions that I make both in and out of the classroom are based on current mathematics education research and best-practices. For instance, children's achievement levels are higher in student-centered classroom environments-a setting that promotes student-to-student discourse, discovery, investigative problems, and peer critiques of each other's justifications and reasoning. Finally, these best practices are parallel to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice-standards that have been adopted by our school district and the state of Rhode Island. A small sample of these standards include sense-making, abstract reasoning, construction of viable arguments, mathematical modeling, attention to precision, making use of structure, and repeated reasoning. This is what your child will be experiencing in the classroom each and every day.


Meeting the requirements for graduation requires your son or daughter to successfully complete this course. It is my goal to forge a continual partnership with you and your child. The best way to reach me is via e-mail or by calling the school directly. It is important that your child knows the expectations and responsibilities to successfully pass this course. To that end, I have made my course expectations transparent (see course syllabus online), assignments accessible (see calendar and course materials on-line), and myself available after-school (typically for a duration of 30-45 minutes after the final bell). Here's to a new school-year (cheers!).




Mr. Marum


(401) 683-2124